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Lanier’s parking management services take projects from concept to completion. We provide the expertise at any project stage to achieve a better and more profitable parking system. At Lanier, full service means more than parking design, management, leasing, financing, purchasing or facility operations. It also means providing advanced parking technology and financial expertise, which are rarely available in other parking management companies.

Lanier Parking Solutions’ emphasis on customer and quality service has allowed Lanier to grow and thrive in a very competitive parking management services environment. This is a tribute to our commitment to developing long-lasting business relationships with our customers and landlords.

Customer Service and Training

All Lanier employees are screened carefully before hire. We review an applicant’s work history and performance evaluations thoroughly prior to filling any position. Upon hire, all Lanier employees are well trained in customer service, standard operating procedures, work safety, and required uniformity and grooming. Employees are well versed in specific rules and regulations and the consequences of any deviation from these guidelines. Particular emphasis is placed on customer courtesy and helpfulness and Lanier provides proven incentive programs to promote efficient employee performance to complement competitive wages and benefits.

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