Valet Parking.
At your service.

Your car is your baby. We promise to take good care of it.

Lanier Valet Solutions (LVS) manages some of the most complex valet parking operations in the country.

The key to any parking and valet operation is developing a leadership team that embraces
Lanier’s core values. Lanier realizes that in many cases we will have the first and last
contact with your Visitors & Staff. They will not view us as a Lanier employee, but as a
representative of the property or event. In addition to providing basic parking services, we train
our employees to do that “little extra something” that makes all the difference in a Guest’s visit.

• Make eye contact, smile and greet all Guests we come in contact with.
• Use the Guest’s name every chance you get.
• Listen to Guest concerns and solve them, don’t pass them on.
• Provide accurate directions to their destination.

Our leadership team is key to developing teamwork. Our team is on site and constantly providing
MBWA (Management by Walking Around). It is this “hands on” leadership that ensures that
expectations are met and exceeded. Constant role modeling and reinforcement of desired
behaviors can only be done while on the line.

The performance backbone of our Valet Team rests on the greet, serve, send customer service
interaction philosophy. Lanier realizes that although the interaction time is sometimes short,
managing this moment of truth will ensure positive first and final impression of the operation.

Uncompromising service, unparalleled financial results.

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